Trail Clearing 101

Wyoming Horseback Riding season is underway!
May 10, 2015
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June 6, 2015
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Our horseback riding in Wyoming is getting underway. Tuesday was the day Pat and Ryan took to the mountains where Mother Nature winter dropped an array of trees and branches onto our trails…something had to be done.
Ryan was able to take time away from the Wyoming Fishing Comany and don his cowboy and lumberman garb, so he and Pat headed into the mountains on their mighty steeds to open things up.
Pat was on Dot, and Ryan was on Moosey, while Rawhide packed the saws.  They made it into the Craig Cabin camp and back out so the main trails we use for our two hour, half-day, and full day horseback rides are passable.

trail clearing south of jackson hole                      horseback riding trails in Wyoming

There will be more days spent on this task, but we are now ready to start our horseback riding at our main trailhead, just a bit south of Jackson Hole.
A good day’s work fellas!