Spring snow in January

Brappin’ in the New Year!
January 9, 2015
Fresh Wyo snow is back!
February 7, 2015
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Late January and early February have been sunshine and warm temps.  We have seen some negative degree days…but for the most part, it feels like March.  For the backcountry rider, this means harder snow and harder turns.  The trail riding has been easy going, however.  We have groomed our trail and the “bumps” that everyone hates are gone…for now.  This “Go Anywhere Snow” isn’t so bad however.  We are able to access terrain not easily accessed now that the powder is all but gone.   This will set up the opportunity to ski/board some delicious backcountry terrain in the coming months.  Avalanche Forecast is considered “moderate” at the moment.  If you do journey onto the steeps, be smart, have all the necessary avalanche gear and knowledge.  For more information on region avalanche activity and information, refer to the Bridger-Teton National Forest Avalanche Center at http://www.jhavalanche.org/index.php

            Grooming trail = good workout for a dog

The sunny & warm afternoons are giving some fun riding conditions for the off trail rider.  The almanac says more snow is on the way this month…let’s hope this holds true!  We got a few inches last night, creating “dust on crust” in many places.  Even though we are seeing warmer than preferred temperatures, we still have an ample base for riding and look forward to the coming months of riding as Spring approaches.  March/April are excellent times to ride for the beginner rider, getting stuck isn’t as easy and warmer temps make for excellent riding on bluebird days.

Brappin' on Bluebird Days!

We had a few more off trail riders lately that are exploring the difference between riding trail vs soft snow.  Needless to say they have been enjoying it!  Can you tell we had Santa come for a ride after the holidays??  He was a natural in the powder!  I guess riding those reindeer is alot like riding pow!  Well done!!