Backcountry Snowmobile Tours near Jackson Hole

Improve Your Skills

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned sledder…

As the snowmobile world explores more of the mountain every year, there is always a new challenge. We have ample back-country terrain to challenge and advance your riding abilities to a new caliber. We are fortunate to call home to an area that receives hundreds of inches of dry, fluffy powder annually.

Some of our rides can start less than an hour drive from Jackson Hole, yet don’t see the crowds like Yellowstone NP or Togwotee Pass. We seek the less tracked out country…the stuff you dream about. Tree riding, hill climbs, and meadow powder are all on the daily agenda here–the only limitation is your own precautions. Depending on mountain conditions, we meet at varied locations in Western Wyoming. Riding in the back-country is a workout never experienced by the green rider.  In order to ride powder, the rider must be significantly more involved in weight distribution, throttle control, and confidence. Off trail travel allows the rider to view the mountain with a different eye…you see new lines, new challenges and find superhuman abilities within.  Come, let us show you what consumes us…all winter long

Wyoming Back-country Sledding

This is a specialized service and requires exceptional guides for this type of trip.  It demands a higher level of leadership, and we do not skimp in this area, as we believe that you are here to learn and want a highly skilled and professional guide for your experience.  Prior to each getting the sleds in the snow, we will discuss each riders’ abilities and goals.  Since we have a variety of options, this helps us determine the best starting point, thus it is essential that you give us an accurate self-assessment. Avalanche awareness and safety will be discussed on all rides, but is mandatory on our advanced rides.

We offer a range of skill from Back-country Introduction to Advanced Riding Off Trail

Intro to the Back-Country
Beginners look no further!  Your guide will show you the basics of off trail sledding, go over avalanche safety/procedure and will teach you how to get “unstuck”.  Yes, you will be getting stuck, but getting out is easy! (most of the time).  We will choose areas that allow us to start where your skill level is, and  expand as your abilities improve.  This is physical, so expect to be tired at the end of the day!

Intermediate-Advanced Sledding

So you know how to ride, but haven’t taken it much further? Here you go…whatever it is you haven’t done and want to do, we will find the terrain and go do it.  Side hill, tree riding, hill climbs, & meadow powder can all be taken advantage of, and learned on this ride.   Avalanche awareness, safety/procedures will be carried out on these trips.

Prices starting from $275 and up, 1/2 day and full day experiences available. Please contact us at 307-733-1044 or and let us customize your snowmobiling experience for you to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Includes high-performance sled rental, the sled transport, fuel and re-fuel, sled oil, clothing gear that you may need, a hearty lunch and drinks, and an experienced, knowledgeable local guide.

Pricing may vary depending on group size.

On all these trips, we use high performance Powder Sleds.  There is a mandatory damage waiver required that does not have a fee attached, but specifies that the rider is financially responsible if the machine is damaged.

Please inquire about pricing if you will be bringing your own sleds, or your own rentals.

Egan Gleason photos

Powder turn

Side hill riding

deep pow


There are great places to stay while you are in the area and some of them offer discounts when you are coming on a snowmobile ride with Bondurant Basin Outfitters.

Our partners are:

Chambers House Bed & Breakfast
This lovely historical home shares its roots with the founding of Pinedale. It is in a perfect location to walk to the shops and restaurants of our quaint little western town and experience our genuine Wyoming hospitality.

Daniel Junction
This is centrally located to each of our three areas, a great place to headquarter. The Junction offers breakfast and dinners in their lodging packages. They have a full deli with homemade fare, renowned breakfast, and dinner burritos, as well as their full service attached restaurant, The Den.


We love tree riding!

Making a Reservation

A 50% deposit is required to make a reservation.

Cancellation Policy: These back country trips take advance planning. We utilize specific guides, and, especially during peak times, sled rentals are limited.  If a trip is cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled ride, the deposit will be forfeited.  If the cancellation is within 5 days of the trip, full payment will be required.

If BBO cancels the trip due to unsafe or unsatisfactory weather conditions, any money paid will be refunded.


Snowmobiling in undisturbed and untraveled areas

Our equipment shop is located at the Elk Horn in Bondurant, Wyoming. We will determine our meeting spot depending on your particular desires and abilities; then provide you with directions.

Please contact us for transportation options.