Brappin’ in the New Year!

December Snowmobile rides-Trails are Packed-Happy
December 15, 2014
Spring snow in January
February 3, 2015
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In recent weeks we have seen negative 30 degree temps, decent snowfall and no crowds.  The weather is warming up a bit, allowing the snow to set up & consolidate, finally creating a decent base.  As of today, the average snowpack is sitting around 120%-140% of normal in the areas we are riding.  Another big snow year you ask??? We hope so!  We’ve had many half day and full day trips going out, keeping us all very busy.  Along with the normal “trail rides” we have had a few days were we focused on riding in the powder (since we had some for a while).  Our “pow” trips were fun and a few riders learned a new style of riding on a snowmobile.  This is a technique that applies to all powder conditions, anywhere.
Powder turns       Getting there!       Pow turns

Riding in these conditions is physically demanding and entails getting stuck more often than trail rides.  However, when conditions are right, riding powder is delightful, smooth & the BEST there is.  If you are interested in learning how to ride powder, we can certainly help you out.  Currently our snow is set up however, eliminating the soft snow needed for ideal powder riding.  So you can bet….we are anxiously waiting for the next dump of powder to cover our hills.  If this type of trip interests you, feel free to contact us on availability and current snow conditions (307) 733 1044

We are finally caught up with all the digging at the cabin.  For a while we were swamped with digging out the cabin, multiple times a week.  We still have some trails to pack and have begun grooming when time provides.  Below are some shots of a few recent rides.  The weather cleared up and warmed a bit for a few days…unfortunately, we are back to flat light conditions for a few days but reasonable temperatures.  New snow is on the horizon, we are looking forward to a fresh layer of powder so we can get back off trail.

Snowmobile Wyoming
                Full day trips = Grilled lunch! want one?

Tomorrow we are headed to Green River Lakes for the day.  Conditions are supposed to be foggy and overcast.  Stay tuned and brapon!