Trophy Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Hunts

     This is a high country hunt, and our region is area 7. We insist that our hunters must be in excellent physical condition. Like the sheep you stalk, you must scramble over rocks and mountain tops where altitude is a factor and all you have is your physique. We utilize horse base camps and "backpack" style spike camps in the high elevations from 10,000 - 12,000 feet. The terrain is as rugged as the game we seek.

     In order to acclimate, those who draw a permit should arrive two days before the hunt begins.

Cost: 10 day hunt.................. $7500 archery or rifle

For information about licensing and hunt areas, go to
WY Game & Fish website.
We are happy to offer any assistance with this process.

     Sheep applications must be in by February 28.

     All online applications must arrive in the Cheyenne office by midnight mountain standard time (MST) on the deadline date. Fees must be paid in full when the application is submitted. Unsuccessful applicants will be refunded their license fees minus the application fee.

Preference Points: All applicants have the option of purchasing preference points to help assure they will draw a license. Applications for preference points can be obtained in July and must be submitted by the end of September to receive this advantage for the following year.
     We strongly advise the purchase of a preference point. In addition, you can purchase an additional point when you apply for your license. If you don't draw, you will have that additional advantage, and if you do draw, the state will refund your money. Cost for sheep preference point is $100.

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