Trophy Wyoming Bear Hunts

     We are surrounded by immense wilderness that sustains a healthy bear population. We are able to black bear hunt in the spring and fall, making it a double value hunt.

     The spring hunt is usually done over bait, where we will have a tree stand or a distant ground blind set up for the hunt. Fall hunts are a spot and stalk type of hunt. These hunts are usually done as a side hunt to our deer and elk hunts, but can be done on their own.

     Wyoming bear come in many different colors, which adds to the fun of the hunt and to the uniqueness of your trophy. Colors include brown, chocolate, blonde, cinnamon, and black, as well as variations of these.

    The same bear license can be used for the spring and fall hunts. These licenses are available year around over the counter. Our permitted bear hunting region is area 20.

     Bear hunting can be done with a rifle or a bow.

*Seasons are yet to be announced, but are usually:
Archery- April 15-30 
General- May 1-June 15

Archery- August 15-30
Rifle- September 1- October 31
Beautiful spring bear

NIce spring bear

                    Spring bear hunts can be day hunts, we meet you at your lodging spot in Pinedale
               and take you out for the day. We will provide lunch for this hunt.

                    Price for 5 day hunt:  Rifle or Archery $3000

                Call us at 307-733-1044 or visit our Contact Us page for questions and bookings.

                      Depending on availability, and time of year, you will have the option to make this                       
               into a base camp hunt.  We would stay at our Jack Creek camp and watch spring bloom
               in the wilderness of the Bridger-Teton National Forest as we hunt.  This also lends itself to
               having spouses, or non-hunters accompany you on your trip and ride horses, fish and relax
               while you are hunting.

                      These hunts require special scheduling and extra prep time that should be
               considered in your planning process. There may also be a small extra fee for this, no more than $500/p.
               When you call to reserve your hunt please don't hesitate to ask what is involved.

                                  Making a Reservation

 A completed reservation form and a 50 % deposit is required to secure a booking and set dates.  Once recieved additional information will be sent to you.  The balance is due two weeks prior to your hunt.

When to Arrive...

     We need you to arrive the day prior to your scheduled hunt.  If you are staying in Pinedale, we will assist with securing lodging accommodations. With a camp hunt, you must be available no later than 3 p.m. to be transported in to our comfortable camp. If you are flying, plan your itinerary so you can get to out trailhead in time.  If you are driving, please schedule your arrival accordingly.  We will finalize pick ups and meeting times once all the schedules are set.


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