Fly Fishing Report
Pinedale - Fontenelle Dam - Upper Green River - New Fork River - Sublette County

Happy New Year!!!

GRBTO is happy to continue working with the WYOMING FISHING COMPANY for its fishing trips.  

Check back soon!  Once the snowmobile trips slow down, Owner/Head guide of the WFC will be back on the water!  

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May 2015
The rivers are doing their typical "spring thing"  around these parts, not the greatest of weather, but the fish don't know it's wet outside.  We have gotten some great fish thus far this spring and are looking forward to a productive summer!  Ryan will be on the water for the next week so stay tuned to see what he brings to the net!  We are looking forward to our high country fly fishing operation this summer for another season.  We are able to access remote mountain creeks by either horse OR side by side ATV.  

February 6, 2015
Same ole' brappin' scene around here... warmer temps are in, snow is heavy and my fly rods are calling. 
  The flows below the dam have remained between 1200-1300 CFS...which is a great thing...hopefully it will show it's benefits this year in the size of the fish.  Reports from down south have been solid all year...although it sounds like section zero has been rather busy with bait hustlers and a few fly guys (whatelse is new...).  Snowpack is 100%+ in almost all our drainages.  Will we see another year of 6000+ cfs below Fontenelle Dam???  How awesome would that be??!  Usually this high water scares everbody off...good thing!
January 17, 2015
As you would hasn't been the priority at the moment.  We have been quite busy with our snowmobile trips during the holiday season.  Things have slowed down a bit and now we can finally begin thinking about fishing in 2015.  Our snowpack is above average yet again this year.  We got some big fish last year and one can only imagine what another big water year will do to the size of our Green River fish.  At the moment we are putting together some dates below Fontenelle starting in April, along with a possible stint on the Big Horn River in Thermopolis.  Aside from spring trips, July/August is beginning to come together.  Now is the time to start thinking about putting dates together.  Frozen guides, frosty waders and cold toes!  Winter Fly Fishing in Wyoming.  Some days, just getting out and wetting a line is all a guy...or gal needs! 

Water flows below Fontenelle Dam are at 1280 cfs currently.  A bit higher than typical winter releases from the dam.  The weather has been decent down south...above the reservoir is a bit colder/snowier.  Nice weather is predicted this week.... depending on snow conditions, we may take a trip to fish the Dam, but the sledding is pretty good at the moment! Tough decision!

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 November 21, 2014
Snow has begun to fly, temperatures have dropped and the fish are gearing up for winter.  Fishing got tough into November.  Although we had many good days, our Green River fish became more lethargic as autumn ended.  We want to thank all of our patrons this year...  We had an excellent season and did more work than we anticipated!  We are so fortunate to have a fantastic list of anglers that fish with us every year.

We caught mostly kokanee salmon and rainbow trout this fall as the browns executed their spawn.  We are now in snowmobile mode as the snow piles up.  Start thinking about your spring fishing trip with us!  We will start of guiding the Big Horn with Jeramie Prine of Dunoir Fishing Adventures in Late April-May.  Then migrate back this way for our instructional fly fishing school and guiding Fontenelle Dam until our season begins up here in Sublette County in July.

 The New Fork anglers reported a number of brown trout with a fungus known as Saprolegnia this fall around Pinedale.  This fungus is known to grow in the fall when water temperatures are higher than normal and targets stressed out fish.  Being that the browns were stressed and spawning, they played a roll as key host for the fungus.   The Wyoming Game and Fish reports that the fungus has a history in the Green/New Fork River watershed and added that the brown trout population will be healthy come spring.  So don't worry!  

If you're going to enjoy the winter activities as well, why not come and ride a snowmobile with us??  We are the only outfitter legally allowed to guide snowmobile trips into our cabin and can go to the Wyoming and Wind River Ranges as well!  We have new trails to ride this year as well....freestyle?  Groomed trail?  We can do it both.

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October 5, 2014

Want one?  
   NOTE - All pictures posted are property of Green River & Bridger Teton Outfitters LLC.  These are recent catches from us and our guides and not pulled off other websites.   
October has started off excellent.  The browns are becomming more aggressive and we still have  more fishing to be done.   River flows have been up this year making for great fall conditions.  Congrats to Brad who caught a legit 28" male brown on the Green while fishing with us for a few days.  Truely amazing fish, with a stunning hook jaw and spots, every anglers dream...well done Brad!!!  We are seeing many other healthy colored up browns early in the season.  We are filling in the October schedule...some fall brown trout dates still open into November.  Aside from streamer eating browns, the bows and cutties are eating streamers, dries and nymphs as well.  Fish are healthier this year and pull hard!  Come join Green River & Bridger-Teton Outfitters for a great fall on an amazing river!!  

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September 2, 2014

Elk season has started and so has preparation for the fall...very busy times around these parts.  We are fishing everywhere and doing about everything.  Flows have remained relatively stable and the fish on the Green River have held on through this busy summer.  We are fishing the high country as well as floating the valley rivers.  Dry fly fishing remains great - big and small.  Streamer fishing has been more productive than usual.  We will be guiding in the high country as well as the Green River next week.  Look forward to our reports!

Mid September, We are running some trips in central Wyoming with Dunoir Fishing Adventures (   .... one recently exposed secret, the Big Horn River and technically the Wind River.  This river is a fun western tailwater, conducive to dry fly fishing year around and consistent nymphing.  Hopper/Dropper and streamer rigs kill it with the correct angler.  Swing flies spey style is also very fun.  Most fish average 15-20" with many in the 20+ range.  BE CAREFUL -  This place will spoil you.  Unfortunately it has has been exposed, drawing anglers/Guides from all over.  

The Big Horn has been fishing extremely well this summer due to the larger flows and will be very fun in the coming weeks.  We are able to guide drift boat fishing trips through Dunoir Fishing Adventures both North and South of Thermopolis, as well as directly below Boysen Dam

Book a fall fishing float trip with Green River & Bridger-Teton Outfitters.  We have many hunting and fishing trips planned, but still some openings.  This will be an excellent fall for fishing as our fish have had adequate water!  Big water = big fish!!!

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August 1, 2014
Whew!  July is gone and elk season is a month away!  But there is still plenty of fishing to be had.  The rivers are holding up above or at average for us this summer...thank you 2013/2014 snowpack!!!  The last few weeks, we have guided the high country streams, Snake River, Green River below Fontenelle Dam and up around Pinedale as well.  We have done some work on the New Fork...unfortunately, distant guides have traveled to our waters and beat the living daylights out of that river.  The Green seems to be holding a bit steadier and bigger flows than the New Fork, therefor we felt necessary to lay off the New Fork for the remainder of the season and pray the fish survive the onslaught of too much pressure.  The Boulder Bridge access on the middle New Fork had 11 (ELEVEN) empty trailers at it yesterday....we have NEVER heard of this kind of pressure.   Our most sincere apologies and sympathies go out to the fish in the New Fork.

Fontenelle flows are all over the place...up and down.  The fishing pressure has increased there too it seems and the fish are becoming increasingly more picky and selective.  Currently, flows from Fontenelle Dam are at 2460 cubic feet per second.  

The dry fly fishing has remained excellent when it is on throughout our local waters.  Both aquatic bugs and terrestrials have been in our arsenal...  Streamer fishing has been superb as well when the fish are feeling aggressive.  We are beginning to book up September/October for fall fishing below Fontenelle Dam.  As the big brown trout come up out of Flaming Gorge and Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge downstream of Fontenelle Dam for their annual fall migration, we are there to intercept them.  And NO...we are not poaching spawning beds (redds) like almost all anglers seem to practice in the fall below Fontenelle Dam.  Swinging streamers on two handed rods has become a way we fish for these fish throughout the day...aside from nymphing certain runs.  Enjoy the fish porn below!

Fishing in the high country from our cabin has been excellent as well.  Jack and Dell Creek have begun to drop and the brook and cutthroat trout are eating big puffy dry flies with reckless abandon.  The fish are small, but the setting is beautiful and the fish cooperate.  Come try a day in the high country from our exclusive camp.  We access our high country by either horse or multiple seating ATV.  We provide a unique esperience that goes unmatched in Wyoming.  

The Snake River in Jackson Hole has officially begun to fish extremely well....why all those guides keep coming down here to beat up the already beaten fish is beyond us.  Cutthroats on the Snake are eating big and small dry flies and streamers. 

Still time left to enjoy the remainder of the 2014 season!  

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Chernobyl Ants + Cutties = fun dry fly action  

Pinedale Fly Fishing Come fish Jack Creek with us!

July 10, 2014

Summer is in full swing...only a few days open for guided fishing towards the end of the month.  Fishing has finally stabalized ( so it seems..) and it has been super fun.  Western fly fishing at it's best - sight casting dry flies and smashing banks with streamers.  Can't get much better.  We are fishing everywhere from the National Forest on the Upper Green River ...all the way to Green River, Wyoming.  Some areas are fishing better than others.  The Green and New Fork are running at big flows giving the fish ample room to spread out and eat!  The Green and New Fork River drainages have healthy trout this year...many "footballs" being caught.  Bright, colorful, wild Wyoming trout on dry flies - tough to beat!  Hopper season is right around the corner!!!! At these flows, the hopper fishing should be fantastic.  

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*July Grey/Green Drake Hatch* (4 open dates left in July)

*August Hopper Fishing on the river OR high mountain streams*

*September Baetis Hatch*

*September/October Brown Trout & Kokanee Spawn*

It will be gone before you know it!  Don't miss this year

July 4th, 2014
Happy 4th of July!  Fishing has been diverse lately.  Some days the flows, temps and weather all cooperate to make magic happen...other days it doesn't.  Certain stretches of river have produced fairly consistantly for us.  Other stretches are hit or miss.  Warm summer weather is here...the upper Green around Pinedale will be on the rise for the next couple days.  We have had some excellent days on dry flies alone.  Streamer fishing and nymphing is productive currently but we have access to some good dry fly fishing on the river.  Fish are healthy this year...all very hard fighting and colorful.  Fontenelle Dam has stabalized around 2000 cfs and is NOTHING like what it was for the past few months.  Heading there for guiding/fishing the next few days, stay tuned. The Airport access on the New Fork is now open, I would imagine the armada will begin pounding Town to Boulder once more.  Many boats on the water lately, not many manners.     



June 26, 2014
In the recent weeks we have seen many faces of the Green River and various waters in western Wyoming.  The runoff is still making fishing tempermental on some days, for us at least.  The good, bad and the ugly have all spread across the upper Green River Valley of Western Wyoming on almost a daily basis.  Early season warm temperatures, late season snowfall, diversion canals, big wind & cold spells have all altered the fishing and bugs.  The river has been increasing in size for a few days....but good fishing has been found at times.  The Green and New Fork have been predicted to peak in the coming days to a higher flow than the current recording of 2100 @ 12:13 pm today.  The Airport Access on the New Fork is still closed.  Of a few days of guiding, one day produced 3 or so dozen  cookie cutter browns in the 14-18" range on medium to larger sized dry flies...genuine western fly fishing at it's best.  Some fish are eating like it is summer, however the fluctuations of the water has appeared to alter the fish eating habits.  It has been forecasted that the rivers will begin to level off and/or drop in the comming days once it peaks.  Even though the water is big, we will certainly be on it, taking advantage of all the new water/opporunities that high water brings!  We love high water!   Mostly browntrout lately, no rainbows.  We haven't thrown much of the nymph/bobber rigs, perhaps this is why.  The fish have all seemed to eat well during the recent weeks as they all are very round with thick shouders, a good thing that we are happy to see.  Much of the river is changing as each spring brings.  It is certainly fun, be safe however!  Snow/hail/rain/freezing temps is not impossible this time of year, so come prepared!  July and August are shaping up to be quite the season.  2014 should continue to be an excellent year.  Book a day or two on the water (307) 733 1044    

                                     Chef Scott with a river toad
Guide/Private Chef Scott Nechay caught this fish recently on the river (above).  Healthy wild rainbows do exist!!  We call these "Wyo Steelhead" .  With the muscle of this bruiser and the high water, you will have your hands full...good chance you may even get your backing wet. He and Head Guide Ryan have been fishing/guiding the Green/New Fork Rivers for over two decades of combined experience together.  He is not only a talented angler, but a chef with expert culinary skills.  Check his website at for a summer fly fishing experience with superb breakfast, lunch and dinner package.  Multiple day and boat trips available


May 29, 2014
Runoff is rocking and rolling!  Despite the high water...we are still able to access various locations that are producing quality fish.  We are getting fish on dries, streamers and nymphs. GRBTO Head Guide, Ryan Hudson aka "RyHud" guided today and did well...even with dirty water and big winds, he got his anglers into some quality fish.  Flows from Fontenelle Dam are predicted to increase to 8,000 cubic feet per second by June 5th.  Fontenelle Dam flows will begin to be increased from 4,500 cfs starting on June 2nd...the river is big below the dam and is only going to get bigger, faster and stronger!  Be careful if you're planning on floating/wading below the dam and/or in Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge.  The river is BIG everywhere!  Flood watches/warning have been issued on the upper Green River.  It is predicted that the Green around LaBarge will be around 13,000 cfs on June 2nd.     

We are preparing for an incredible summer.  The snowpack will produce an amazing summer.  Hoppers, mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies are just a few of the main hatches we are gearing up for.  We have even found a few fish on hoppers as of lately.  No joke!

Not only do we have river access, we also offer fishing in the high country for the native Snake River Finespotted Cutthroat in the southern Gros Ventre Mountains.  Once runoff subsides, the high country will provide epic scenery with cutties eating big puffy dry flies like popcorn.  We have access to several high country lakes, streams and the New Fork/Green River systems.  Do not miss out on this summer, we are very excited as the late spring/early summer has been extremely generous to us already.   The Wyoming Game and Fish will be pulling nets this weekend on Fontenelle Reservoir and RyHud will be there volunteering to help the Green River and it's burbot problem along with other volunteers.  Let the burbot study continue on the upper Green River.

Book your trip for an amazing summer of dry fly and streamer fishing fun!!! (307) 733-1044


Green River is now the Brown River Hoback and Dell Creek confluence
May 20th, 2014
Runoff has begun on the upper Green River!  Nestle Quik (R) has been the theme lately.  Who knows what will happen in the coming weeks, probably a ton of lake fishing!  Fontenelle Dam releases have leveled off at 4740 cubic feet per second as of 10 a.m. today.  We expect the flow forecast to change and increase as we have begun to see the first major push in snowmelt from the Wind River Range.  Several local lakes still have ice on them and some are thawed out.  This is most likely a sign that a major runoff has yet to come.  Wind and rain has been fairly consistent lately, making for changing weather conditions on a daily basis.  Even in the big nasty, we still have been able to find fish.  


May 15, 2014
Correction on the flow forecast...currently the flows out of Fontenelle Dam are at 4770 CFS as of 10:45 AM today.  Initially predicted to rest at 4500 CFS, the Bureau of Reclamation added another 200 CFS to the forecast, unexpectedly.  Expect flows/forecast to be altered as we are expecting more runoff from the upper Green River around Pinedale.  Be safe!  We have had consisten luck certain areas where the water conditions are right.  Nymphing, streamers and dries are all provoking fish to eat, in the right sections of river.    

May 12, 2014    Below is yet the updated flows forecast from Fontenelle Dam.  This was released today from the B.O.R.   Flows are expected to increase around early June, however that will be changing with the ever dynamic weather patterns.   

date/ time/increase cfs/sum flow cfs
05/12/2014 0800 3000 +300 3300
05/12/2014 1600 3300 +330 3630
05/13/2014 0800 3630 +370 4000
05/13/2014 1600 4000 +500 4500


May 10, 2014
Winter did not lose its grip....  We have seen everything in the last few days.   However, we are still finding fish, and some solid ones as well.  Tactics remain the same, the water is still cold.  Fortunately for us, the fish still have to eat!!  The baetis are around, but only seem to come out for short windows.  We have some private water to "scout" out for the up coming season in the next few days, stay tuned for some pictures.  We still have BIG snowpack in the Wind River and Gros Ventre Ranges.  Fontenelle Dam flows have changed even from the last schedule and have leveled off around 3200 cfs.  Be safe if you are kicking around down there on foot.  The updated forecast for releases at Fontenlle Dam is listed below

05/10/2014 0800 3000 0 3000
05/12/2014 0800 3000 +300 3300
05/12/2014 1600 3300 +330 3630
05/13/2014 0800 3630 +370 4000
05/13/2014 1600 4000 +500 4500
05/14/2014 0800 4500 +500 5000
05/14/2014 1600 5000 +500 5500
05/15/2014 0800 5500 +500 6000
05/15/2014 1600 6000 +500 6500

Flows are scheduled to be even bigger by mid-late May.  Be ready!  Long over due flushing!  

May 2, 2014
Happy May!  Winter appears to be losing it's grip in Sublette County, the fish agree!  Runoff seems to have started... as the upper Green bumped pretty big today, we will see if this is the real thing.  We had the pleasure of fishing with Craig Salmon, Owner/Operator of Rowan Fly Fishing  - custom rods out of Bozeman, Montana.  We fished 3 days together and did well.  Congrats to Craig on a solid 24"+ rainbow and many more quality fish!!!  Even though we had 1' or so of visability, the fish didn't seem to mind!!

Fontenelle Dam will be releasing big water in the next 9 days.  Starting Monday, May 5th the flows will gradually be bumped to roughly 4000 cubic feet per second by May 10th.  As of 4:20 today, the flows are at 1610 cfs from Fontenelle Dam.  Big changes!  The river has been fairly cloudy and I would expect the river below Fontenelle Dam to turn off color more, maybe even murky as the Bureau of Reclamation begins creating space in Fontenelle Reservoir for the potentially EPIC runoff we are about to start witnessing.  If you are venturing down to fish below Fontenelle Dam/Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge.  Expect big changes.  If you plan on wading, be safe....same with floating.  The river will be moving alot of real estate and debris around.  Runs will change, new fish will move in....a very dynamic time in western Wyoming on the horizon. The increased flows will stir up/flush a plethora of aquatic food throughout the water column and the whole system.  We are extremely excited to see what is to happen....and to see what fish we can catch.  We have been nymphing, hucking big meat, swinging streamers on two handed rods and headhunting some good fish with dries when the time is right.  Come join the fun!  We are excited for this summer and the 200 + miles of water we have to guide throughout the Green River Drainage.  We are your source for local guides on the Green and New Fork Rivers that know the sections and are dialed in to the river/fish far more than guides that travel great distances to guide these waters (Jackson, Wyoming and Greater Salt Lake City guides)

Below is the forecast of water data from the Bureau of Reclamation below Fontenelle Dam.

Date/Time/Current flow/Increased flow/Total flows
05/05/2014 0800 1420 +140 1560
05/05/2014 1600 1560 +150 1710
05/06/2014 0800 1710 +170 1880
05/06/2014 1600 1880 +180 2060
05/07/2014 0800 2060 +200 2260
05/07/2014 1600 2260 +220 2480
05/08/2014 0800 2480 +250 2730
05/08/2014 1600 2730 +270 3000
05/09/2014 0800 3000 +300 3300
05/09/2014 1600 3300 +330 3630
05/10/2014 0800 3630 +370 4000

April 28, 2014
Well...kind of the same ole "springy" stuff around here..  Watching the river go up, get muddy...then come back down and clear up.  The typical shutoff has been fairly consistent in the mid afternoons.  Tempermental fishing, but the fishing is worthy of braving the spring time weather!  There is definately some fish around willing to chase streamers.  Many fish spawning still below Fontenelle Dam.  If you have no ethics and are not concerned with the future of our fish, this is the place for you.  Don't be surprised if guys are yelling at you as they float by saying "those are spawning fish, leave them alone"....  The word is, there is a guide down there with a potato launcher using it against the "sportsmen" targeting redds.  Beware.
We hate beating the war drums like this against such behavior so much, however it is important that our fish are allowed to do finish their cycle.  IF YOU SEE RAINBOWS IN SHALLOW WATER, LEAVE THEM ALONE!  No, they're not keyed in on something...they're spawning.

Big winds have been cranking... winter made another appearance the day before yesterday, dropping a fresh layer of wet snow that was soon melted into the river.  Sunshine is predicted the next few days.  We will be on the water.  Baetis and midges have been trying to go...but at 7000', we are still a bit brisk and the "W" usually blows all the little bugs east to South Pass.


April 22, 2014
Nice weather is around....for now.  It appears a system is rolling in and will keep it chilly for another week or so.  The wind has been doing great case anybody was curious.  Some days have produced some big, double digits gusts.  These next few days will be a time when tying flies seems a bit more pleasant than rowing against a crosswind that is ripping at 30mph+.  We are finally starting to see rain as well, rather than the frozen form... it's finally spring!! The fishing has been on/off lately.  Moments when it's good, it's good.  The next few weeks should be interesting regarding river flows.  Many creeks are beginning to swell up and dump mud.  Releases at Fontenelle Dam have reached 1500 cfs. Despite the conditions....we have been getting into quality fish in Pinedale and below Fontenelle Dam.

April is a time for us guides to explore the rivers, pre- runoff.  This is a time when we get to do floats/excursions we wouldn't normally do with paying anglers....We have pulled off some sketchy floats lately and have had lots of fun doing it!  The lifestyle of a fishing guide in the off season is a ton of fun....the fishing may not be as consitent, however it is what we live for!  We get to see new river character and be the first ones' to have a shot at the resident river fish that are starting to feed hot and heavy for the first time since November.  Ice shelves and other debris relating to winter played a factor in the previous weeks.  The rivers have already changed from ice movements, significantly....and we haven't even had the big water of runoff yet!  Crazy stuff!  Looking forward to seeing what the river is looking like come June/July/August.  

  Next week is predicted to be nice.  We are expecting some BIG bugs to come out in the comming weeks....stay tuned!   

-Local fly fishing guides in Pinedale and Fontenelle Dam on the Green River-



April 20th, 2014
Happy Easter!  Warmer weather is here and snow is melting...meaning dirty rivers.  The Green turned nasty yesterday afternoon.  I would imagine it will rise and become more muddy in the next few days...I hope I am wrong.  A good amount of snow is melting off in the valley/foothills making an early start on runoff.  The number of hunting fish has decreased, as the passive feeder seems to be consitent with the rising flows.  The poor New Fork has been getting pounded by many we have been doing our best to avoid that area.  Head for the dams!  Off to Jackson Hole tomorrow to get on the Snake River stonefly action!  Not quite Skwala Stones, but a similar bug that hatches and brings the Cutthroat up on the Snake River.  Just banged out a few foam patterns from the vise and am looking forward to some dry fly action tomorrow.  Stay tuned for pictures!  

There is a A LOT of fish spawning below Fontenelle Dam...please, leave them alone. IF YOU SEE A BUNCH OF RAINBOW TROUT IN SHALLOW WATER DO NOT FISH TO THEM.  Right now the rainbows are at what seam to be peak spawn...let them be.  Maybe one day, there will be a closure below the dam like Grey Reef has every April.  From Fontenelle Dam to the Weeping Rock gaging cable is closed in the fall for the brown trout, maybe we will see something similar in the future for the spring spawning rainbows.  Crustaceans, eggs and worms seem to be the ticket.  Baetis and midges are around, but the fish seem to not be so "buggy" least for us.  Streamers of all sorts, shapes and colors have treated us well.... although the streamer bite comes and goes with the weather.  Average size is still healthy and promising.  Many fish around/over the 15-16" mark.     

Fontenelle Brown Trout
  Chrome Green River Rainbow
April 7th, 2014
Mother Nature has cut us a break and given us some fantastic fishing weather in the Green River drainage!  We hope this will be the turning point regarding weather during our spring months...  The fish are indeed healthy this year...and want to eat!  Specific colors are playing a key role in are holding in many types of water and different depths.  Average fish is 15-18".  Big winds have been dominating lately so having a solid fly cast makes it easy to put the flies where it need to go.  Big winds also dominate the rower of the boat...make sure the your oarsman can hold a line, otherwise you may find yourself beached and windblown into an icebank!  Many openings in the coming weeks...Come fish with us before we get busy! 

Just finished up a snowmobile trip today...the snow is deep! STILL!  The snow has been softening up during the afternoon, making for fabulous corn snow conditions.  Wonderful day for sled riding...and fishing!!

SPRING FLOAT TRIP SPECIAL!!  $300/day 2 anglers (ends May 1st)
-Later starting times
-Bring your own lunch
-Uncrowded water

(307) 733-1044 or

          Pegged bead above a bare hook...illegal in Wyoming

April 2, 2014
Sorry for the delay! Fishing has been good... but Old Man Winter is holding on as we start off in April.  We are predicted to have wonderful weather starting next week...possibly in the high 50's, low 60's.  If you haven't heard, fishing a "pegged" or fixed bead as an attractor no greater than 2" above an artificial fly (not a bare hook) is now legal in Wyoming!  A meeting in late February got the Wyoming Game and Fish to slightly alter existing 2014 regulations of the bead

  Beads are particularly effective currently as the rainbows have moved up onto their spawing beds or redds.  The spawn has been going on for a while now.  Notice the cleared off gravel spots (tan spots in shallow riffles) and this is where the magic is happening.  Several fish will be staging on and just downstream of the redd, as the males fight for top spot with the female who is working hard to clear the gravel and make a suitable spot to deposit her future generation.  Watch and enjoy the show!  But don't fish to them, this is an important time for our rivers and the future.  Flows have increased to 1440 cubic feet per second out of Fontenelle Dam and are predicted to rise with the comming months.  Inflows to Fontenelle Reservoir have been predicted by the Bureau of Reclamation to be 150% of average for the next few months....those are big numbers!!  This high water should provide shelter and food to the Green River hatchlings or Rainbow and Cutthroat trout in the comming months.   Other than eggs/beads... midges, scuds and worms have been catching fish.  Leeches, crawdads and forage fish immitation are bringing fish to the boat as well.  The water is cold, but the fish are hard fighting and willing to chase a streamer.  Looking forward to the next bump in the flows from the dam!  Maybe.... someday the Green River will start seeing spring flushes like the Big Horn and North Platte Rivers!  Imagine that!?!! 

Big water flows = new water to fish, evenly distributed hatches, low bridges and recklessly feeding fish.  We are expecting to continue floating the Green and surrounding rivers into later August, possibly September.  This will be a privilege we have not had since the epic year of 2011.  Look for this summer to be a good hopper/terrestrial season as well.  We are all looking forward to 2014 as water data sites are now available to be read and the rivers thaw.  Good luck on the water!
March 18, 2014
     Spring in Wyoming is upon us! The fishing has been pending. Our snowpack is sitting around 140%....BIG NUMBERS! Big winds lately; however, the fish have continued eating bugs, eggs and crustaceans. The rainbows have begun staging for the spawn below and on redds, so look out! If you see any tan spots/cleared gravel, stay away! This time of year is extremely important for the future of our fish. Leave the spawning fish alone. There are plenty of actively feeding fish, not involved in spawning, during this time to target. The weather is only looking to improve. More good fishing to your spring trip now! We are still doing snowmobile trips as we begin fishing, so book a fishing trip one day, and a snowmobile ride the next!

     Beginner or expert, the fish don't care. Just set the hook and hold on! The fish are fighting hard, even in the colder temperatures: come see what our wild western trout are all about!  

See you on the water!


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Spring time rainbow trout Fish on!
                    Fishing Update 2/23/14

     Mother Nature has kept us on snowmobiles and not on the water! Snowpack is just about as good as it gets. This summer will be one to remember, for sure! Although the sled riding in the Gros Ventre has been treating us well, fishing has been pending. The Upper Green River basin is sitting around 132%. We are looking forward to some blue skies and time spent on the river. The days that have presented fishing opportunities, the fishing has been great! Nymphing and streamer fishing has produced...some fish are eating on top. Surface activity will increase with our warmer weather that appears to be on the horizon. Rainbow spawn is approaching, too.  

     For current Wyoming snowpack conditions, click here 

     NEWS FLASH! If you haven't heard, the popular pegged bead rig is now ILLEGAL in Wyoming. If you fish the bead, you must have the bead touching the gap between bead and hook.

     Check out the The Open Fly Podcast. A great radio station for fly fishermen, based in the Pacific North West. We will be featured in an upcoming discussion regarding the recent legislation here in Wyoming. More details to come!
     Stay tuned! We will be back out on the water shortly. In the meantime, book a snowmobile trip! Riding has been great, the snow is deep and the experience is unmatched.  


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