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     Our hunting guides have over 25 years of big game hunting and hunt guiding experience. We are driven to maintain the highest quality of Western hospitality to accompany our world class hunting opportunities, and to provide you with a successful and memorable Wyoming hunting experience. Our two superior base camps and one spike camp provide first-class hunting environments, unexpected lodging comforts and a full-time cook ready with hearty, family style meals. Excellent service is our standard. Our professional guides are experienced hunters and knowledgeable about game and their habits, local wildlife, and the surrounding terrain. Our options and expertise enable us to adjust your Wyoming hunting trip to your abilities. We maintain a hunter-guide ratio of 2:1 and work hard to get you to where the game is. We have experienced mountain horses and will provide assistance with horsemanship to keep you safe and comfortable. If you require airport pickup in Jackson Hole, not a problem, it is included in the price. Once you get to camp, you will be staying in a fully equipped tipi or wall tent.

      We utilize horses to travel the elevation transitions as you stalk and harvest your game, and furnish all necessary riding gear including saddlebags and scabbards, although if you have a personal scabbard that fits your rifle, we suggest you bring it.

Harvested buck from 2013

     It is now required that all licensing be done online. If you find that the process is confusing, do not hesitate to call us, or Game and Fish, with questions. If you desire, we can apply for your license for you.

For information, or to get your own license, go to:
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department  
web site  http://gf.state.wy.us
License Section  
5400 Bishop Blvd.  
Cheyenne, WY 82006  
(307) 777 - 4600 
Click here for the hunting application booklet.

Additional Requirements from Wyoming Game and Fish:


      All hunters are required to purchase this. The cost is  $12.50 and can be purchased online or any Wyoming Game & Fish office in the state. 
     All those who are elk hunting with us are required to purchase a Feed Ground Stamp. The cost is $14 and it can be purchased online through WY Game & Fish.   

     All archery hunters are required to purchase an archery license. 
Only one archery license is required to archery hunt all big game and trophy game animals. Archery licenses are available at sporting goods stores or online. Do not purchase an archery license until you have received notification of drawing results.
Good bulls crossing the meadow
 Below the Gros Ventre hunting area

Wyoming Hunting Rates

2017 PRICES  
                                            Archery         Rifle
5 Day Hunt
Cow Elk 5 Day Hunt
$1,750   $1,750
Mule Deer 5 Day Hunt
$4,500   $4,500
Black Bear 5 Day Hunt
$3,000   $3,000
Antelope 3 Day Hunt
$1,200   $1,200
Moose 5 Day Hunt
$6,000   $6,000
Big Horn Sheep 10 Day Hunt
$7,500   $7,500
Non-Hunting Guests

w/o riding

Call us at 307-733-1044 or visit our Contact Us page for questions and bookings.
Making a Reservation

We limit our big game bookings to help preserve the high quality of animals found in our area. Bookings are, therefore, first come first served.

     When making your reservation a starting fee of $500 is required to secure specific dates, this is refundable if you don't draw a tag. Upon successful drawing of a license, a deposit equal to half of the cost of the hunt solidifies your reservation. Once the deposit is made it is non-refundable. The balance is due two weeks prior to your hunt.

     Hunters who are unsuccessful in the drawing will receive a reservation fee refund within 30 days, or you may apply the deposit to either a future hunt or one of our other great activities.

     NOTE: If you qualify, per WGFD, to recieve a refund of your license fee, we will honor a deposit refund, less 5% for processing.

Physically Prepare for Your Hunt...
     We highly recommend conditioning yourself before embarking on your trip. The high altitude and rugged terrain are obstacles that are less inhibiting if you take the time to prepare yourself physically. As you plan, remember also that some riding will be unavoidable, thus spending some time on horseback prior to your hunt is advised. The more physically conditioned you are, the more hunting options and opportunities will be available to you. Hunting here is a physical activity, you will likely be up well before the sun and riding or walking much of the day.

When to Arrive...
     We need you to arrive the day prior to your scheduled hunt. You must be available no later than 3 p.m. to be transported in to the camp. If you are flying, plan your itinerary so you can get to our trailhead in time. If you are driving, please schedule your arrival accordingly. We will finalize pick ups and meeting times and let you know once all the schedules are set.
What to Bring
     A few of your necessities may vary with the time you come and the type of hunt, but most of the basics are the same. Look for printable lists on individual species pages.

     From our trailhead, we will likely be traveling to the base camp by ATV. (There may be a rare occasion when we will go in by horseback, but we would give you notice.) There is not a weight limitation on gear, but please be cognizant that space is still limited. It is important that you pack your gear in a waterproof duffel. If you put a plastic garbage bag inside your duffel and your gear inside the plastic, that will suffice.

      GRBTO will supply cots and pads. You should bring your own sleeping bag, but if your travel arrangements don’t accommodate that, we do have some bags you can use. You can expect temperatures from 60s during the day to well below freezing. There is also likely to be snow in the higher elevations, especially after mid-September.

     You should have a good sleeping bag rated for winter. We recommend a knitted hat or hooded sweat shirt to sleep in for additional warmth.

     Clothing: Jeans and quality hunting pants, leather boots and waterproof or pac boots. Sneakers for comfort at camp. Long underwear: at least two pair, various weights and include polypropylene or under armour; 1-2 long sleeve shirts; 1-2 cotton lighter shirts; 1-2 heavier shirts or sweaters; medium weight jacket; socks: bring plenty, heavyweight/wool and lighter; heavy coat – with gortex shell preferred; gloves, at least two pair; hat(s), at least one warm one; rain suit if other gear isn’t waterproof.

     Toiletries. Binoculars, knife, 2 qt. water container/canteen, camera, handkerchiefs, chap stick, sunglasses, flashlight with extra batteries or a headlamp, lighter, personal medications, hand cream, and a day pack.

     Be sure to bring your gun and ammunition and/or bow with arrows. Don’t forget your hunting license and other required stamps. Sight your gun in for 200 yards. There will be the ability to shoot guns and bows at camp to be sure they are accurate after packing in. Archery hunters need an archery license

     Fluorescent orange: Make sure you also have at least one of the following: a fluorescent orange hat, vest or coat. No fluorescent orange is required for archery hunters.   

GAME CARE: We will transport your game to the local processing firm, where they will hold it in cold storage or process it according to your instructions. Our area boasts several taxidermists who can mount and care for your trophies. Take the time, when making your travel plans, to consider how you will transport and what you will want done with your meat.

You may wish to insure your rifle and other valuable equipment against damage or loss during your travels and your hunt.

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